Bitcoin investice do 6% denne


Funguje od 05.03.2017

Mam deposit pouze 0.01 BTC

We have successfully received your deposit Ƀ 0.01000000 Bitcoin to BitGlobal Investment Plan.

Your Account: n/a
Batch: 244f612aa24ada89e695c74da2ed5151bf62328cc24ead3645 6fca82967187f9
Compounding: 0%.

Ƀ 0.00010800 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1NYRwfPnLvS59KA46Y4WBc9NxUCXhgMysP.
Transaction : b58043ccae301607b6789c57f3b767c86f108f4926bd3fe3dd 302efbf3239ab8.

Zatim to funguje =)


Funguje ale bude fungovat asi tak den, tyden nebo dokonce mesic ?:smiley: