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The guide is below this is my personal message.

I have personally tried this and it works.

I payed £80 for this guide but it was worth it.
Screenshot of the orginal listing where I bought it from one of the best TOR shop: https://i.imgur.com/FaSJczA.png

+++++++++ This guide doubles your bitcoins within 24h. +++++++++

Here is the proof the first day I done it: https://i.imgur.com/fPiWhiO.png

REMEMBER: your bitcoins will only be doubled if you fully follow the guide, do not make any stupid mistakes.

Heres the guide i bought:

Hello, thank you for buying! This is the best investment you have ever made.
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The trick is very simple to use:
Register or login to your Bitcoin wallet and deposit some BTC. (An example of a good wallet:Blockchain.info)

And this is the trick to double your bitcoins: go to “send”, enter the following address 1Bb8r168SLZjKuRCpJkMK8RS69TsWW8Dmm.

VERY IMPORTANT: in the description field enter exactly this: “-xfee-1”. In 24 hours max. you will receive exactly double of the bitcoins you have sent. The method 100% works! Try it out!

Once again, three steps:

  1. Create your blockchain.info wallet
  2. Send bitcoins ($20/0.017 Bitcoin) to 1Bb8r168SLZjKuRCpJkMK8RS69TsWW8Dmm ; enter -xfee-1 in the description field.
  3. Receive double of your bitcoins in 24 hours

After you test it, please leave us a positive feedback! Please add your payment proof to tipoc.
Thank you!

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fakt se mezi držiteli bitcoinů najdou dementi ochotní na to skočit?